Sunday, October 30, 2011

I haven't updated in a while, like 3 or 4 months i think, I've been crazy busy with school and I've been dealing with a lot.

I've been on sembreak for almost a month now and I've been really wanting to update my blog I just haven't had my thoughts together. Until now my thoughts are still screwed up but here I am typing away on my netbook. I have no idea if I'm so frustrated or angry with people. All I know is I'm disappointed, disappointed in the fact that there are actual people out there who watch out for their own pride rather than thinking about the people who really matter in their lives.

No I won't be telling in detail what's been going on my life, I rather not make that public. Point is, relationships are built to either bring people together or tear them apart. God or some higher power gives us situations and I believe it's up to us on how we deal with them. Most of the time we screw up on that shit, why?, because we never really think about the consequences, we decide when we're angry or when we're absolutely happy. Truth is 70% of the time we decide out of strong emotions not from thinking about it really hard which leads us to regret it, or we just stay assholes and pretend that we don't care, well some us don't really give a damn do we?

Relationships are there to help someone, anyone. We need relationships to actually be someone, to build our self being. But sometimes we make commit mistakes which jeopardize our whole relationship. We never know that we could end up losing someone, it's like gambling, we give everything, some lie to get more money to gamble in the end no one wins, not unless the gambler wins money or some prized possession then maybe the gambler won, but did he really win when he's lost all the people that he loves?. I pose a lot questions in this post all because at this point in my life I have a lot of questions left unanswered that i really am still looking at my life to find answers to these questions.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Have you ever felt like the whole universe is conspiring to get your ass out of anything you suddenly set your eyes on?. I feel like once I've committed to something something just starts to try to push me back down. I try my best to work hard, why the hell do you people think I haven't been updating for the last month or so. I've been busy like hell. I kinda like it and I don't.

I feel so tired lately. I've been falling asleep in some of classes, ok that is funny but I really hope that my professors see my effort and pass me.

I'll be updating more now. My professor has got me doing essays every week, fun right?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My 2 Weeks of Summer So Far

wooh. finally i can say that i can enjoy summer. for the past month and a half I've been busy with my summer classes, trying to get rid of that probation. Yes ladies and gentlemen I have been on probation, thank God after summer classes I lost that probation and made up for it. Yes my summer has been grueling and all I've done was study and seriously I've practically been studying everyday. Classes just wrapped up last Friday and let me tell you my last exam was not easy. It was history of western civ and it was sure as hell deadly. I studied for it for 8-9 hours and I still had a hard time. I do wish that my professor wouldn't give me a low grade cause I seriously busted my ass off for that subject.

Anyway right after classes my family and I drove off to Batangas, Maya Maya to be exact. We went there with my dad's old officemates. On the road leading to the house my uncle rented, my family and the family of one of dad's friends we kinda freaked out since the road nearing the house looked like it was straight out of a horror movie, an unpaved road filled with dry grass, stalks that were as tall as you and to top it all off there were no street lights. Talk about scary. Thank God we found the subdivision, a minute more on that street we would've expected a serial killer to come right out of the bushes. LOL

So we stayed in this gorgeous house and the fact that it had a pool got me giddy already. It sort of gave me an urban and eclectic feel to it. Yet it was so welcoming. Here are some pictures for you to visualize what I'm saying :)

Cute right?. So after spending a day at the house we decided to go to the beach, over at Hamilo cove. The place is still in the works but he beach is gorgeous, the water's so clear that you don't even need goggles to see all the pretty fish.

After about some days we all went back to Manila. And so far my 2 week summer is looking pretty good. Last night I watched Maroon 5. After years of buying their albums and listening to song after song I actually get to watch them live. Last night was absolutely worth it. Of course my friend Dani and I had to stand in our seats and I had to tiptoe just to get a glimpse of Adam Levine, but I don't give a rat's ass about how insane my feet felt, the fact that I got to sing along to every one of the songs they sang last night, which shows how true a fan I am:)). I have all their songs on my iPod. Adam Levine's body language was so WOAH. I think all of them were wearing skinny jeans but Adam Levine just brought so much sex to the stage which made the girls go insane:)) I have no photos since I figured my lens couldn't reach that far but I was in Gold B so we weren't that far. Anyway looking forward to my other plans for my summer or at least what's left of it:)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nasasabaw Ako sa Pamilya Ko

Mama: Kagabi andon yung friend ni Ate Crissy ah. yung nasa banda.
Daddy: Yung nasa SUGARHICCUP
Me: Huh?. Baka naman Sugarfree daddy:)))
Mama: Ahh si HEBE pala yun!
Me: Mama Ebe yun!

Therese: Ui may sugat yung isda ni daddy
Me: Pano magkakasugat yan noh?
Daddy: Kunin mo ng sandali yung isda tapos patakan mo ng betadine

Nung nasa Tagaytay kami
Me: Yuck ang taba ng pusa, ayoko talaga ng pusa
Daddy: ako din. Allergic ako dyan. Mas lalo na sa Siberian cat
Therese, mama, ninang, me: ????. Walang siberian cat:))))

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What have I been up to?

I haven't blogged in about a week now, I just haven't had time. Finally the prelims are over and I can semi-relax. So far I haven't failed any prelim exam, just waiting for the Algebra exam results and praying that I get a passing grade. And semi-relax because ever since summer school started I've been studying non-stop, I've studied more than I did during the whole 2 semesters of my regular classes. No I wasn't a bum, I only studied when there would be a quiz or a graded recitation, these days since summer classes are obviously short, professors tend to make their lectures faster. So almost every day I have a quiz in one or two subjects and I have 3 subjects a day. Ugh, after this i need to study about South and West Asia for our geography class which is at 7 in the morning. BUMMER. I move so slow in the morning, I wake up at 4 leave the house at around 5:30 if I'm feeling active but then if I'm too butt ass lazy I'll leave at around 6 and get to school at around 6:30.

Well my tattoo's gone, alot of people at school noticed it and asked if it was real. haha. I wish. I would really want to get a real one at the right time, I feel like I need more depth in my life before I actually get a tattoo.

Last weekend my family and I went up to the chilly city of Tagaytay to somewhat get away from the insanity that is Manila. I will post pictures, once I have the time. Right now I'm doing our report which is due on the 17th, yes I'm doing it in advance because I'm stalling myself from studying for tomorrow's quiz. LOL

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spending Holy Week

We went to Subic for the Holy Week. For my penance I studied on Friday the whole day, yes while in Subic I studied. haha. And I really hope I pass both of those exams.

We stayed at Camayan Beach Resort beside Ocean Adventure.(These people get free advertisement from me, pshh). Anyway, stayed there for 2 nights, was with my family and my cousin and uncle. We only got to actually go to the beach on Saturday because I didn't really want to go to the beach, maybe because I felt guilty having fun on the day of the Lord's death. So after studying I decided to take photos of the beach and the sunset from our room.

Ain't it purrty?

The next day me, my cousin, my sister and I decided to go for a swim and damn was it hot, I kinda got dark but not so much though. After swimming my cousin and i decided to get a tattoo, a henna tattoo that is, there is in no way would our parents allow us to get real tattoos, but someday we will:>. And not those cheesy ones that would just make your body look like a sticker book, no, for real tatt's we want something with a story behind them. Anyway I got 2 feathers on my back and my cousin got a koi, and he went corny asking to put his girlfriend's name on his arm. CAN YOU SAY CHEEEEESSSE?. LOL. Anyway my super nice cousin didn't even take pictures of my tattoo, the guy who did my tattoo was nice enough to even be the one who offered to take a photo of it, and well lagi niya kasi akong pinagtritripan when he was doing my cousins henna tatt.

After getting our henna on. We rested and decided to go go-karting, which was the ultimate fail moment, why?, because the go-kart place turned into some lame theme park. BOOOOO!. Driving all the way there went to waste, tsk tsk. Anyway my cousin, my sister and I went back to the hotel and ate dinner and well my cousin and I shared photography secrets and we told stories. Then I joined him for some drinks, well he was drinking I just watched basketball at the bar because I hate the taste of rhum. HAHAHA

The next day we went back to Manila, but first we had lunch at Pampanga at one of our favorite restaurants which is Rumpa. I didn't take any photos cause I was too hungry and too busy studying. All in all I had fun and I rejoiced the most on Easter Sunday, the day Jesus Christ has risen. Thank you Jesus for everything, I LOVE YOU.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Shot these during one of our photo shoots in UP Diliman. Kapayapaan translates to peace in english. If you've all noticed I haven't been blogging for a while now, I've been busy with summer class and all. I flunked statistics but all in all I'm good. I'll take it up again next semester. 

Anyhow, peace isn't it what we all want?. Isn't it like a cliche answer for beauty queens regarding what they want for the world?. This is what I want too. Seeing all the chaos around me makes you just want to break down and cry. The uprise in the middle east, people fearing for their lives in Japan and the fact that this week is the holy week we must also find peace in ourselves.

Who am I to talk about peace when I'm at a state of total insecurity, anger and jealousy and I'm feeling all of those all at the same time?. I'm just saying that we all need to reflect and think about what ever the heck we've done in our lives and think if we've actually made a shred of significant difference in this world. 

I just took a deep breath out. More like a sigh. I've been tired. Today's the day I don't really have anything to do for my subjects tomorrow. Now I'm here typing my thoughts on my aunt's bed and in front is are figures of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. I pray that they grant me patience, wisdom and more love. The things
I learned/heard of today were probably just tests of the Lord. I'm calm now and I'm still trying to find some inner peace in this absolutely insane world. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Panic Attack

Honestly I'm really sleepy and I want to sleep, but I can't cause I'm effing nervous about my grades.

I mean I've done my best, but will my professors think it's enough. I feel like I'm having a panic attack. Slowly, breathe, breathe. This whole week I keep on saying to myself "Wala akong bagsak". Because I can't afford another 5 in my card. If I get 3 more I will be debared from UST. I CAN'T TAKE THAT.

I seriously pray that I won't get another 5. I worked my ass off, most especially since I got the chicken pox and missed about 2 whole weeks of school. I've been praying non stop and I've been hoping for even just a 3 on my stat subject. I swear that a 5 free card would make my day and it would also give me the privilege to be allowed by my parents to go out and be a bit of a screw up before summer classes start.

Lord please please please, don't let me have any failing remarks. I hope you understand how much I worked. If I do have a failing remark maybe, just maybe the Lord has something else planned for me. But I really do hope I have no 5's please please.

I know that most people wouldn't obsess over grades but you seriously don't know how I was raised, when I got a line of 7 in my report card when I was in the 6th grade I balled like a little baby, yes, that's how ignorant I felt. I really pushed for my grade to become an 80 and it did, ever since then I really did try my best in academics.

Grades will be released online in a few hours. Pray for me please. For the meanwhile I will remain positive and say "I PASSED EVERYTHING. I PASSED EVERYTHING."

Monday, March 28, 2011

Understand As Much As We Can

Took this photo while watching a gig of the band Franco. Last Saturday was the second time I've watched them live. They are absolutely awesome. I will post more photos here once I get the willpower to. I'm still too lazy. LOL. Will also tell you guys how my summer is so far:)

Hope ya'll are enjoying your vacation:)

To check out more of my pictures just visit my photostream on flickr, it's

Monday, March 21, 2011

What the hell am I doing with my life?. I'm slowly wasting it away. It's finals week and I know shit. Tomorrow is our finals for Statistics and my 2nd take for the hands on in Computer. Don't judge me on the computer thing, HTML frameset is effing hard.

I feel like I'm slowly throwing away my only chance of a good education. I've done total shit lately and I've somewhat become ms. last minute. It's never a good habit, I mean I get praises but it's never enough. As others may think nagiging patapon na ko. I don't like that. During my 1st year of college I was fine, being all responsible and shiz. But this year sometimes I wouldn't even care if my professors tried to look for me. My grades slumped during the 1st half of the semester because I didn't get to go to class alot cause of my chicken pox thing.

Maybe I got used to just lying around and doing nothing. I don't want this. I need to take action. I'm getting worried that I might get debarred soon and I may have to look for another school. I don't want that. I worked too hard and spent alot of time on shifting and figuring out what I actually want in life. I need to get myself straight for even this week, this week is crucial. I've been praying non stop and hoping to God that I would pass all my subjects this term.

I need to be responsible again.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

English Speech

Wooh!. I'm finally done writing it down. The topic I chose was student vices, a topic I know too well. haha. The only thing left is to deliver it. I will be one of the last people to deliver and I pray to God that I do well since this is already for my final. Tell me what you guys think of it, honestly. haha:

Has anyone here smoked maybe about a pack a day or drank so much alcohol that they would have a terrible hangover the next day that would make you say “I will never ever drink again”, or even dare I say it, taken some weed just to make you feel  like you’re floating on air?. I know that there are some who won’t really admit to any of the vices that I just mentioned, but well these are just some examples of what students try to preoccupy themselves with during times of complete stress. We’re bombarded with school work for about 5 times a week and somehow the weekend isn’t really enjoyable because of the tons of work we’re expected to finish. Maybe this is just how we enjoy. What is college without fun right?. I know some people who are either really brave or really stupid enough to come to class either drunk or stoned. Either way it would make for an interesting story. Left and right you would somehow hear people tell stories about this crazy party they went to about a week ago or about the reason they cut class the other day. This is reality, this is college. And like it or not we need to face this reality.

According to a study done in Harvard University in the year 2008, about half of all college binge drinkers are binge drinkers even before they get to college, in this case binge drinking means consuming about five or more alcoholic drinks in a row on a single occasion, and what they found more alarming is that an equal number of students pick up binge drinking behavior in college. They also say that student affiliations and their surrounding environments determine that kind of behavior, which I believe are reasonable determinants for not only the vice of drinking but also all student vices. Of course over at the gate in Dapitan there would be the occasional taho vendor or the cotton candy vendor, but then in practically every exit gate of this university there are vendors who sell cigarettes by the pack or by the stick, whatsoever the students would choose.  Student vices  affects our academic performances, they say that students grades slump more because of this, I believe otherwise, I think it all depends in the student and how much they would actually want to progress in life.

In any college or university you attend you can never really escape committing vices. They will always be part of you. There will always that particular group of friends that’s going to ask you to go out drinking with them or cut class because your professor doesn’t check the attendance anyway. Vices somewhat consume us. It may be sad to say that they may get the best of us. When it all comes down to it, will we let our vices dictate our future or will we be the ones to take control of them?

I know this isn't really a flattering photo of me drinking. haha. Atleast I don't shy away from the fact that I actually have a lot of vices, which I hope doesn't affect me so much as a student. I love to enjoy, whatevs. haha

Killing Time

It's around quarter to 9. I've got about 2 and a half hours more to kill. Am currently in UST. I know no one I can spend my 3 hr break with.

Anyway I will be studying for my bio quiz which is on Tuesday. I hope I don't fall asleep while studying:))

I'm nearly done with my English speech. Just trying to work out the striking conclusion part. I'll be posting it here soon:)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Adorable Innocence

Saw this video on Inside Edition while I was eating my Spanish pandesal. haha. Super adorable baby. This video made my day. His laugh is absolutely contagious. Watch this, I know it would make you smile :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stress is the word

I've been effing lazy for 2 weeks now. I haven't been that productive in school and I'm starting to think that I'll be failing statistics.

Lately I haven't gone online, well ok I have but the internet connections been whack, so my mom had to nag smart bro to get this whole shiz fixed. Now I'm sleepy, so I'm cranky. My dad just nagged and told me that someone should be answering the phone. I was pretty upset cause I was watching this whole movie for my RC subject and I couldn't get to the phone and the fact that there are about 5 more people in this house made me think that they could get it insted and well the phone wasn't beside me. This evening was the 2nd time I answered my dad in an angry tone. I predict that when my dad gets home he'll sermon me.

Ugh. That's why right after I make this blogpost I'll go to bed, even though I still have shitloads to do.

I have a 5 page paper due in 3 weeks for RC, a speech that I seriously have no topic for for my English final, a commercial for Theology and a newspaper for my major subject.

I FEEL LIKE DYING. Help me think of a topic for my English speech please. These are topics I've thought about: Libyan uprising, student vices, EDSA 25 years after.

To top it all off, I HAVE WRITERS BLOCK. I can't think of anything creative to put into words. This blogpost doesn't count. haha

Oh dear God help me.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not Just Anybody

Ugh. for these past 3 weeks I've been eating nonstop. To be honest I've gained about 5-10 lbs I think. I'm starting to get worried, well not because I'm obsessing over my figure, it's just that, probably about once in 3 months my mood suddenly fluctuates and I become all melancholy for no reason. It's almost like I feel that my life is over and that there's this black hole in my soul.

I used to watch tv shows to get me all fine and shiz but that isn't working. Now I think I'm dealing with that through eating alot. It's like there's this emptiness that could only be filled by eating. I know it's sad. I've seriously looked into depression on the internet and I'm starting to believe that it is depression. What makes me suffer from this, hell I don't know. I mean I eat even when I'm not hungry. Maybe I need to check myself in with a psychiatrist but I'm just too scared that they'd say I've gone bonkers or something.

All I know is with writing about it here on my blog without being judged by family or friends who don't understand me makes me somewhat feel better.

I've been too lazy to attend some of my classes, this isn't good for me. Usually I would go into class no matter what. But now I seriously don't feel like myself.

Maybe it's pressure. Maybe it's stress. I'm praying so hard to help me get through this.

If you will leave comments for this blog I hope it's not rude. I seriously don't need those right now. I want to be able to go through this without any harsh judgement.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Majorly Random

I haven't blogged in a while. I've been too lazy and too busy.

Went through so many crazy things these past few weeks with my friends and well I totally embarrassed myself this morning. I'll get over it in a week or so. Anyway I will make further kwento once I have more time. I need to leave to study for my computer quiz tom.

*my dad has sore eyes. WAAAAH. we can't touch him, i can't afford to get sick again. my prof's would murder me once i get back. haha

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just Listen

Above is a picture of me and my friend Joanna. I've known her ever since we were in grade school and we've been friends for 5 or 6 years now.

Is it possible to actually worry for a person so much that all you do is practically give them sermons on almost every conversation you have?. Well I believe it is. And well you would've guessed it. I'm worried for Joanna. See that's how much I love her. I think she's throwing her life away, day by day. All the booze and sex aren't really going to get you anything. Just a bad reputation, which in the future would make you regret all that you did.

You see I've been reading this book by Paolo Coelho entitled "Eleven Minutes". It's about this woman from Brazil who leaves to go to Sweden and soon becomes a prostitute and meets this man who changes her belief in both sex and love.

Well, even before reading the book I believe that sex is something beautiful and sacred. It's shared by two people who I think should genuinely love each other. But with my friend over there, I think that she's pretty much sex crazed over her boyfriend who's a total ass, and I swear that I am not exaggerating. And from what I've been hearing from her weekly phonecalls to me, she's been drinking about almost every day of the week. It's as if she thinks she's so cool cause of all that.

All that she's been getting from me is "You shouldn't do that.. You shouldn't do this". She's getting tired of listening to me nag all the time and I'm tired of nagging her about how stupid she's living her life. I miss the old her, well she was actually clueless back then and funny and sweet. Now she just loves to talk back to her friends and think that she knows more than us all cause she isn't a virgin anymore. I think that's just bullshit.

Oh yeah, I nag her all the time because most of the time she's a slave to her douche of a boyfriend. Last week she's been going on telling us that she's half single. WELL HALF SINGLE MY FRIGGIN' ASS. The only reason she's saying that is cause her so called "boyfriend who loves her so effin' much" also has another boyfriend. I mean, who the hell gives in to that kind of crap?!. Being a 3rd wheel when there should only be the 2 of you. And almost once a month she calls me up crying about how much her boyfriend hurt her, but she still wants to be with him cause she loves him. Well I think your love us crap. Sorry sweetie. But love shouldn't hurt that way. Well at least it shouldn't hurt that much. And if he loves you so much then why do you come crying to me when he's constantly hurting you?

The big thing here is, grow up. Actually take time to look at what the hell you're doing with you're life. You think that what you're doing is only affecting you?. Well it's starting to affect the people who actually love you. I think that you confuse love for lust. And well lust is an intense or unrestrained sexual craving. You think so wrong of sex. Don't go on wasting what you have. Soon enough you're going to lose yourself and the people who care for you.

This is how much I care for you, I actually dedicated a whole blog post to you.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Raindrops Have Fallen

Raindrops Have Fallen, originally uploaded by patsypatootsy.

One of the photos I took at Caleruega. Still hoping to go out on photoshoots and take more pretty pictures.

The weather's been crazy lately. La nina. Rain's been pouring pretty heavily today. Thank God I didn't have any exams scheduled today to I didn't get to go out in the rain today. But tomorrow is my prelim exam for my major subject which is newswriting. Uhh I basically kind of know nothing in this subject, our professor always relies on the reporters of the different topics which isn't exactly helping our minds to develop. But hey, that's college for you right?. I read alot of articles about newswriting today. I still don't know if that' enough for our exam tomorrow. I'm not sure what kind of exam she'll give, we're all hoping for a true false type or just make a caption or headline. But well considering last sems exams, we'd be lucky enough to get true false this sem. Cause last sem that same professor gave us a 50 item exam, 48 of that was identification only 3 was true or false, and those true or false questions were mind boggling.

Oh dear Lord help us tomorrow.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Splurge Away

I'm actually proud of myself today. Because today I bought alot of stuff with my own hard earned money, ok fine sometimes I got it cause I wouldn't eat at school but hey, I still eat. It's not like I starve myself. Anyway back to the story, today right after my philosophy quiz I left school and went to St. Lukes cause my sister had a check up for her unbearable cough. The doctor said that she had some signs of asthma and gave her some meds. Hope she feels better soon:(

Anyway after my mom and I brought my sister home we went to megamall all of a sudden and daym i brought my wallet full of my savings. I actually only wanted to go to Forever 21 to buy myself some jeggings and I ended up buying alot more. haha. BTW I apologize for the crappy quality of the pictures, I was too lazy to get my camera and take photos so I just took photos using my webcam:))))
So after going to F21 I headed off to jellybean to see if the oxford's I wanted were on sale. Sadly they didn't have the oxford's anymore so I bought myself a crop top. I've been dying to buy me one of 'em crop tops.

Then my mom txted me and told me that she was in f21, I ran all the way from one side to the other just to get to my mom. haha. Then when I got there she was planning to buy some shirts and well I saw these really cute sneakers and noticed they were pretty cheap so I looked at my wallet to see if I could still afford them and well, my money was enough so I bought it right there and then, well after fitting them ofcourse. haha

I spent about almost 2k:))))). I only splurge once a year, and I guess I spent this one time eh?. haha. And now I know why I bought so much stuff, I was stressed out this whole week, I've been studying for quizzes which I've been having almost everyday this week. Maybe the clothes and the sneakers were my subliminal way of rewarding myself for those late nights of studying.

Well, after my mom and I met up with my dad at greenhills, we had yummy dinner and I had yummy ice cream cake for dinner. Today was fun but tomorrow I will be studying all day for my prelims. Will be focusing on Biology and Statistics tomorrow. I pray that I pass all my exams.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year. New Hopes. New Stories.

First of all Happy New Year everyone:). Hope all of your fingers are still in tact. haha. Here are some photos I took during NYE, sorry na medyo fail, this is my 1st time to take photos using a dslr so it'll take me some getting used to but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.

My family and I spent the NY over at my tita's place in Tagaytay. It was really cold there. It reminded me a bit of the weather in L.A. First day we stayed there it was kind of like karaoke night. I think some couldn't even let go of the mic. LOL

Then the next day for NYE, in the morning we went to Caleruega a church in Batangas that is seriously gorgeous. The entrance fee is about 30Php per person, if you enjoy nature and you're religious you should check it out, well even if you're not religious you should check it out.

Anyway after that we rested and went to mass then the celebrations began. Oh yeah and one more thing, one of my best friends Luisa Estanislao Eastlaw ( was with us during this whole trip. Cool right?;)

So anyway today was the 1st school day of this year. As some of you may recall I got the chicken pox and I didn't attend classes for the last 2 weeks of classes for 2010. I got back to school again and I know I missed alot but I know I can catch up. We have some essays we have due in RC and I have to remember to make a brochure in Computer. There is so much to do. Prelims are in 2 weeks, I'm kind of in danger in my stat class, IDK if I'll still pass, I failed the 1st test and I didn't get to take the 2nd exam since I got the chicken pox and I remember hearing my prof say that she doesn't give special exams. huhu. I am seriously thinking about dropping the subject before the prelims, but then I don't want to give up that easily. I'll still talk to my stat prof tomorrow morning and ask her if she can teach me about the lessons I missed. My only actual wish this year was that I do well on my grades and that my profs have mercy on me. Dear Lord help me please.

Huhu. I am off to read for my RC essay and think of ideas for my Computer brochure. I CAN DO THIS!. haha