Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My 2 Weeks of Summer So Far

wooh. finally i can say that i can enjoy summer. for the past month and a half I've been busy with my summer classes, trying to get rid of that probation. Yes ladies and gentlemen I have been on probation, thank God after summer classes I lost that probation and made up for it. Yes my summer has been grueling and all I've done was study and seriously I've practically been studying everyday. Classes just wrapped up last Friday and let me tell you my last exam was not easy. It was history of western civ and it was sure as hell deadly. I studied for it for 8-9 hours and I still had a hard time. I do wish that my professor wouldn't give me a low grade cause I seriously busted my ass off for that subject.

Anyway right after classes my family and I drove off to Batangas, Maya Maya to be exact. We went there with my dad's old officemates. On the road leading to the house my uncle rented, my family and the family of one of dad's friends we kinda freaked out since the road nearing the house looked like it was straight out of a horror movie, an unpaved road filled with dry grass, stalks that were as tall as you and to top it all off there were no street lights. Talk about scary. Thank God we found the subdivision, a minute more on that street we would've expected a serial killer to come right out of the bushes. LOL

So we stayed in this gorgeous house and the fact that it had a pool got me giddy already. It sort of gave me an urban and eclectic feel to it. Yet it was so welcoming. Here are some pictures for you to visualize what I'm saying :)

Cute right?. So after spending a day at the house we decided to go to the beach, over at Hamilo cove. The place is still in the works but he beach is gorgeous, the water's so clear that you don't even need goggles to see all the pretty fish.

After about some days we all went back to Manila. And so far my 2 week summer is looking pretty good. Last night I watched Maroon 5. After years of buying their albums and listening to song after song I actually get to watch them live. Last night was absolutely worth it. Of course my friend Dani and I had to stand in our seats and I had to tiptoe just to get a glimpse of Adam Levine, but I don't give a rat's ass about how insane my feet felt, the fact that I got to sing along to every one of the songs they sang last night, which shows how true a fan I am:)). I have all their songs on my iPod. Adam Levine's body language was so WOAH. I think all of them were wearing skinny jeans but Adam Levine just brought so much sex to the stage which made the girls go insane:)) I have no photos since I figured my lens couldn't reach that far but I was in Gold B so we weren't that far. Anyway looking forward to my other plans for my summer or at least what's left of it:)

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