Friday, July 9, 2010

Dealing With The Inevitable

Nothing but shock and sadness enveloped my family and I last night when we received such awful news. My ninang(daddy's sister) who's Pampangga for a business trip, called last night looking for my dad and mom. I answered the phone and told her that they weren't here yet. And at the same my sister also answered the phone.

Then my ninang told us that she had some sad news to tell us, I asked what it was and she said that my uncle Ding had died. My sister and I had stunned reactions. I asked how
he died she said that it was cause of a car accident. Right after that phone call I cried cause of shock and I told my sister that he didn't deserve to die, because he really is such a good man.

Tito Ding is my dad's cousin who lives in the States. I just saw him around January because my family and I spent the holidays in the States. When we were in San Francisco, tito Ding welcomed me and my family and my dad's friends in his home. He was never selfish and he was always in a giving mood. Constantly wearing a smile on his face. Even for just those 2weeks of spending time with him I kind of knew what kind of person he was.

I was still crying before I went to sleep and I prayed for his soul and asked the Lord why did it happen to such a good person?. I guess I'll find out the answer after a long time. When I woke up this morning I spoke with my parents and they told me more about the accident. It was Tuesday, my uncle was driving back to Tracy from the 4th of July weekend. When suddenly this car was I think driving in the wrong lane and their cars collided. The other person in the other car was easily identified and it took days to ID my uncle.

He'll be buried I think next Saturday. Please pray for my uncle Edgardo "Ding" Lagunzad's soul. May eternal rest grant unto him o Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.
We love you tito Ding. I hope that you're happy up there:)