Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just Let Go And Breath:)

Have you ever felt so out of touch with someone whom you've know for almost your whole life. It sounds crazy, but even the closest person to you could seem as a total stranger to you in so many ways. Knowing someone is not enough, you have to understand them and feel for them to truly be in touch with them. That's just how life is. It complicates things that are already complicated to begin with.

Often we force things to happen according to our will. But, life never works like that. We feel that we can tell things from the other. Sometimes we can and sometimes we can't. Just the thought of not being able to take control of things drives us crazy.

After all, that's what most of us want, control. For without control, we won't be able to have things to our advantage. Without it, we're forced to let go and wait. To wait for an outcome and to watch without having to do anything to our grasp.

In some cases, we should just let go. Losing control doesn't necessarily mean that you have nothing left. It just means that you need to jump back to reality. Just take a deep breath and relax.

Remember, it's not the end of the world if you don't have the world in your tiny little grasp. I know how random my thoughts may be, but this is part of me letting go. You should try it to.:)

Monday, May 25, 2009

From Kiddies To Teens

After barely even a week of posting my last week, I have found some old pictures of Miggy, Ted, Therese and I, waaaay back when we were kiddies. haha. Hopefully they won't try to kill me once they see this blog. Sorry guys but I love you. haha!. After all blood is thicker than waterXP

First imma start out with my little sister. Since she's the youngest in the group. So I'll be posting 2 pics of each of us. One was when we were little, the 2nd one would be a present pic. So here it goes.:

Then next is Ted. I found it really hard to find a pic of him in our albums, because he was always with someone. Hopefully this pic is ok. Don't get mad at me ah. Ang cute mo naman eh:)))))))))))))))

Next would be me. I had curly hair, just like my mom's, when I was little. I didn't know what happened though. As I grew up my hair became straighter. haha. Weird.

Then last but never the least. Is Miggy. Monster si Miggy dati and he still is one now. haha!. kidding!(I think)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boys Are Better When They've Grown Up:))

There are many things in this world that I don't understand. Well, one of those many things is the relationship between boys and video games. lol!. Why the hell am I making a blog about this, I don't know either. I just find it hard to figure out.

I feel so weird right now. Haha. Because I'm making a blog about this. I just honestly don't get what it is with boys and video games. When my guy cousins and I were little kids and we would hang out at my cousin Ted's place, Miggy and Ted would pay more attention to the TV screen and the play station config that was attached to it. haha!. Anyway that was back then. Now they talk to us more. We text each other and comment on fb and multiply. At least now we actually talk.

Back when we were kids we would play together. But it would always be boys against girls. So it would be and my sister against Ted and Miggy. Of course unfair advantage and boys kasi what we played were "baril-barilan" or the fight in who would reign supreme in the wrestling match on the PS. But when my sister and I would cry because of them, and our uncle's and aunt's would see us, ofcourse we'd hold the belt in that division. haha!

Now we're all grown up. Ted and Therese are in high school, while Miggy and I are incoming college freshmen. We get along better now, which is good. Hopefully that all goes a looong way. haha

I'll try to find a matino picture of us four from our totoy and nene days:))

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life Is Still So Fragile

Life is short. This is what I learn when someone I know has passed away. Never would you think that someone would be taken by the Lord so fast. Sometimes it comes so unexpectedly. So it comes as a real shock that you try to make sure that it had actually happened and that it wasn't some nightmare. But then, it most cases we expect it, we expect it so much that when it happens, some of us go all numb inside that we don't tend to show our real emotions, not until we're all alone.

I really do believe that every day should be lived to the fullest. For if we regret one day. We could try and make up for it the next day. It's not exactly the end of the world when you lose at something. You could always work on it over and over again.

Dreaming is what gets us through this life. That's where most of our expectations start. But if we do something to achieve those dreams. Then it'll really work out for us. It's not enough to dream. If we really do want that dream then we should do something to make it come true.

What I'm trying to say is live everyday as if it were your last. And from now on never live life with regrets. Well, if you do have regrets then turn them around or just make them work out for you not to have regrets anymore. Life is this trip that is worth taking if you make it an unforgettable trip.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm A Mess Without Technology

Just awhile ago when my parents arrived home my dad told me that he texted me and that I didn't reply. I told him that I was taking a bath when he texted which was why I wasn't able to reply. He then told me that he was surprised to find me not replying to his texts because he thinks that it's impossible for me not to reply to texts. Well hell, my dad's right. I rely on my cellphone 24/7. I only leave my phone at home when I'm going to short trips to the supermarket, to the salon or when I'm going to church. But, anything other than those occasions I bring my phone with me constantly.

Just like any other teenager in this century I am inseparable from technology. It's one of the things that make me live. Hey!. Don't say I'm going overboard here but alot of people there are like me. Well, I look at my phone almost every 5 minutes to check for messages that any ogf my friends have sent me. I also go online almost like 2-3 times a day if I'm at home the whole day. I go constantly online because ofcourse there is nothing much to do here aside from the occasional phone calls from my friends, watching tv and stuffing myself with the food in the kitchen.

Let's be honest with ourselves. Without technology we would so be living hard today. Connecting with friends through cans connected with string is so old fashioned. I would have to agree to Gino Quillamor's blog about technology. Here's the link btw

Me - cellphone= bored/wondering/insane Patsy. Yes I just referred to myself as a third person. It's true that I find it hard to live without a phone. Even if I don't have load I still want my phone by me at all times. It's really weird of me but true.

I need to go on a techno hiatus. haha!. I'll find a day to just relax and let go of technology for awhile. But I will go back to it though:))

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My First Ever Post On Youtube And I Blew It:))

So today was the first time I have ever posted a video on youtube. I am more scared than proud of myself. haha. I'm proud that I actually got the guts to post a video. I've had an account on youtube ever since 2006. The purpose for it to me was to just comment and subscribe to my youtube idols.

Then during summer this year I just thought of posting videos. The videos are going to be me singing. Luisa and I are planning to post videos of us just voicing out our thoughts. So we're gonna video blog or vlog or whatever the term may be. Luisa and I love speaking out. haha. So watch out for that. I'll also be blogging about it here on blogspot and on multiply.

Anyway here's the video that I posted on youtube. I blew the end part. It was really high. Very out of my voice range. Anyway tell me what you think about it.:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Being in love is not always a choice, sometimes it just happens. Which for me, really is one of the most scary and unpredictable part of life. Having the feeling of love may take you to as high as the heavens. But it could also bring you to incomprehensible depths that you've never thought you'd reach.

I can honestly say that I've been in both of those situations. Having loved someone as more than a friend. Thinking of him has always made me wonder of what could be. How it would feel to hold his hand, to actually go out on a date with him and to even kiss him. I know it may seem weird. I bet you're thinking that I got into a relationship with a guy who I don't even know or haven't even met in the first place. Well, let me tell you now that that thought's wrong. I know how to love and when I fell in love with him, I knew in my heart that there was something with him that me feel all special inside and out. Don't be quick to judge. After all you may not know me that well.

The reason why I wonder is because, he left when we were still together. Now don't jump into conclusions and say that he left without telling me. Well he did tell me and we both never thought that he was leaving for good. But then, that unfortunate surprise hit us like thunder. He was not to come back. In spite of that we still stayed together. I don't know why I agreed. But I guess that's what my mind and my heart told me. I was scared but still certain at the same time.

That's what love is, it makes you feel all kinds of feelings. It could make you all loony at one point and sane in another point. It's this trip that most people think they know what they're in for, but truth is they're not. So expect the unexpected.

Now, he and I aren't together anymore. I thought that I could forget him. It's been so long and still, I'm not certain if that love hasn't changed. I think the feelings are coming back. But I really can't say for sure.

Even through all the pain he's caused me, I don't know why I even concentrate on all the joy he's brought me. Maybe it's because I believed in the saying that "All the happy memories over weigh all the bad ones". That was just who I am. No matter what others said to me I still had the heart and mind to forgive. I forgive out of love.

I may sound all mushy now, but hell, that's who I am. This is how I let out my thoughts. Leaving them for everyone to see. Because every word makes me let go and feel more free of the thoughts that hold me back.

Right now, I feel more confused and I really want things to be all straightened out. What I think I have to do now is wait, because time is most precious right now. And as I wait for time to pass by, I'll certainly think more of what I feel. Hopefully I can get it all out of my system.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are You One Of Them?

Hey! finally, the 21 Q-Cumbers have decided to reveal the codenames we made up for some incongruous reasons...

oh yeah! i know you hate/annoy ‘em, but it's only life though,

you are who you are. you make your own life stories. the world oblivious of how you deny that we're sooo observant! :))

friends, and foes.. here it goes..

• bear1
• bear2
• durian
• rambutan
• betty
• armando
• venus
• mars
• langgams na pumapapak sa Chocnut
• snow white
• frosty
• dwarfs- lagging kasama ni snow white
• strawberry
• district 1 & 2
• kulto- katakot kasma
• boom boom- may twin siya..
• Douglas-
• Bodyguard- effective na bouncer!
• Vice
• Chenelyn
• BRO.
• Popoy the 2nd
• Best friend ni Patsy
• Chokie!
• Mga Pagong
• Asshoole
• C.P. (lovelife ni popoy)
• Aircon
• Tentay
• Manila
• Racket
• Sabon
• Boy barako
• Boy tira
• Basilio
• Isagani
• Madam

Monday, May 11, 2009

Starstruck(My Outfit Isn't That Scandalous)

Yesterday it just felt really weird. Because I swear I could honestly feel the heavy stares of people on me. Mostly it was girls. They'd start looking at my feet then at my face. After lunch kasi we went to cubao. First we went to sm then we went to gateway.

Well there would even be some girls, though they've passed me na they'd still look at my back. The looks are that heavy. I guess they were thinking that I wasn't wearing anything under outfit other that underwear. haha!. After some adults would look at my outfit, next they'd look at my mom. It was as if they were giving her the message "How could you let your daughter wear something like that?". I thought my outfit my fine. haha. I was happy with it. It felt really hot kasi to wear jeans underneath it. So I wore shorts. Hindi lang talaga halata shorts ko. Sometimes nga I would even like to look at those girls staring at me and shout out loud "Oh!. May shorts ako noh!" and then lift up my blouse while shouting it. haha. I know it's a really weird thought. But, hell, na consious ako eh. My mom just kept on telling me that "Maganda yung legs mo, mga inggit lang yung mga yun". Medyo na lift naman yung spirits ko non. haha. Anyway below is a pic of my outfit. Just to show that it wasn't that revealing. haha. Justification lang. Oo na, pacute ako sa picture:))