Monday, May 25, 2009

From Kiddies To Teens

After barely even a week of posting my last week, I have found some old pictures of Miggy, Ted, Therese and I, waaaay back when we were kiddies. haha. Hopefully they won't try to kill me once they see this blog. Sorry guys but I love you. haha!. After all blood is thicker than waterXP

First imma start out with my little sister. Since she's the youngest in the group. So I'll be posting 2 pics of each of us. One was when we were little, the 2nd one would be a present pic. So here it goes.:

Then next is Ted. I found it really hard to find a pic of him in our albums, because he was always with someone. Hopefully this pic is ok. Don't get mad at me ah. Ang cute mo naman eh:)))))))))))))))

Next would be me. I had curly hair, just like my mom's, when I was little. I didn't know what happened though. As I grew up my hair became straighter. haha. Weird.

Then last but never the least. Is Miggy. Monster si Miggy dati and he still is one now. haha!. kidding!(I think)


  1. yung last guy yung baby pic niya kamukha ni vandolph hahaha :D

  2. shiet. LOL!. sinasabi ko nga talaga dati na kamuhka niya si vandolph:)))