Monday, April 25, 2011

Spending Holy Week

We went to Subic for the Holy Week. For my penance I studied on Friday the whole day, yes while in Subic I studied. haha. And I really hope I pass both of those exams.

We stayed at Camayan Beach Resort beside Ocean Adventure.(These people get free advertisement from me, pshh). Anyway, stayed there for 2 nights, was with my family and my cousin and uncle. We only got to actually go to the beach on Saturday because I didn't really want to go to the beach, maybe because I felt guilty having fun on the day of the Lord's death. So after studying I decided to take photos of the beach and the sunset from our room.

Ain't it purrty?

The next day me, my cousin, my sister and I decided to go for a swim and damn was it hot, I kinda got dark but not so much though. After swimming my cousin and i decided to get a tattoo, a henna tattoo that is, there is in no way would our parents allow us to get real tattoos, but someday we will:>. And not those cheesy ones that would just make your body look like a sticker book, no, for real tatt's we want something with a story behind them. Anyway I got 2 feathers on my back and my cousin got a koi, and he went corny asking to put his girlfriend's name on his arm. CAN YOU SAY CHEEEEESSSE?. LOL. Anyway my super nice cousin didn't even take pictures of my tattoo, the guy who did my tattoo was nice enough to even be the one who offered to take a photo of it, and well lagi niya kasi akong pinagtritripan when he was doing my cousins henna tatt.

After getting our henna on. We rested and decided to go go-karting, which was the ultimate fail moment, why?, because the go-kart place turned into some lame theme park. BOOOOO!. Driving all the way there went to waste, tsk tsk. Anyway my cousin, my sister and I went back to the hotel and ate dinner and well my cousin and I shared photography secrets and we told stories. Then I joined him for some drinks, well he was drinking I just watched basketball at the bar because I hate the taste of rhum. HAHAHA

The next day we went back to Manila, but first we had lunch at Pampanga at one of our favorite restaurants which is Rumpa. I didn't take any photos cause I was too hungry and too busy studying. All in all I had fun and I rejoiced the most on Easter Sunday, the day Jesus Christ has risen. Thank you Jesus for everything, I LOVE YOU.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Shot these during one of our photo shoots in UP Diliman. Kapayapaan translates to peace in english. If you've all noticed I haven't been blogging for a while now, I've been busy with summer class and all. I flunked statistics but all in all I'm good. I'll take it up again next semester. 

Anyhow, peace isn't it what we all want?. Isn't it like a cliche answer for beauty queens regarding what they want for the world?. This is what I want too. Seeing all the chaos around me makes you just want to break down and cry. The uprise in the middle east, people fearing for their lives in Japan and the fact that this week is the holy week we must also find peace in ourselves.

Who am I to talk about peace when I'm at a state of total insecurity, anger and jealousy and I'm feeling all of those all at the same time?. I'm just saying that we all need to reflect and think about what ever the heck we've done in our lives and think if we've actually made a shred of significant difference in this world. 

I just took a deep breath out. More like a sigh. I've been tired. Today's the day I don't really have anything to do for my subjects tomorrow. Now I'm here typing my thoughts on my aunt's bed and in front is are figures of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. I pray that they grant me patience, wisdom and more love. The things
I learned/heard of today were probably just tests of the Lord. I'm calm now and I'm still trying to find some inner peace in this absolutely insane world. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Panic Attack

Honestly I'm really sleepy and I want to sleep, but I can't cause I'm effing nervous about my grades.

I mean I've done my best, but will my professors think it's enough. I feel like I'm having a panic attack. Slowly, breathe, breathe. This whole week I keep on saying to myself "Wala akong bagsak". Because I can't afford another 5 in my card. If I get 3 more I will be debared from UST. I CAN'T TAKE THAT.

I seriously pray that I won't get another 5. I worked my ass off, most especially since I got the chicken pox and missed about 2 whole weeks of school. I've been praying non stop and I've been hoping for even just a 3 on my stat subject. I swear that a 5 free card would make my day and it would also give me the privilege to be allowed by my parents to go out and be a bit of a screw up before summer classes start.

Lord please please please, don't let me have any failing remarks. I hope you understand how much I worked. If I do have a failing remark maybe, just maybe the Lord has something else planned for me. But I really do hope I have no 5's please please.

I know that most people wouldn't obsess over grades but you seriously don't know how I was raised, when I got a line of 7 in my report card when I was in the 6th grade I balled like a little baby, yes, that's how ignorant I felt. I really pushed for my grade to become an 80 and it did, ever since then I really did try my best in academics.

Grades will be released online in a few hours. Pray for me please. For the meanwhile I will remain positive and say "I PASSED EVERYTHING. I PASSED EVERYTHING."