Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Funny Valentine

I know it's kind of cheesy that i'm posting this on valentine's day but whatever.

I have been dating this boy (or man as he likes much better. Haha) for 7 months now but he's only been my boyfriend for 2 months.

I know that my boyfriend loves me so so much. And I appreciate every single thing he does for me.

He's that type of person that would probably even go to the ends of the earth just to make me happy. He's that type of guy that well... even when we fight he'll still go to Quiapo to buy the film i need for my photojrn class even though we were cold to each other.

He's that guy that will wait for me for 2 or even 4 hours after his dismissal just for us to be able to have lunch together or just so he could take me home.

He even went to Binondo all the way from Taytay just so I wouldn't be "tampo" at him.

He's that guy that listens to what I actually tell him and he acts like he's still courting me even though we've been together for months.

I love his crazy antics and his looney yet corny jokes. I love how we looks at me with those deep brown eyes of his. It reminds me that I'm special in his eyes.

I love how he seems to always take my breath away with every word he says. And yes I know he's good looking, I've had my eyes on him ever since he introduced himself in one of our meetings, I thought he was cute but slightly sabaw.

He makes me feel special, every single day. He loves me no matter how embarrassing I am and I love him no matter how embarrassing he is. We may not be perfect individually but I guess that's what makes us perfect for each other.

I love you baby. I hope you know how much I appreciate you and that I actually listen to your stories no matter how many times I've heard them. LOL. One day I'll learn how to cook and I'll cook for you(pag hindi sunog.) Always remember that I'll be your sunshine in a not so shiny day. I love you:*