Monday, June 29, 2009

You Are Not Alone(RIP Michael)

Before leaving for the US embassy last Friday, my parents told me that Michael Jackson just had a heart attack. I was shocked, but not that scared because I believed that he would survive through it.

Well anyway, went to the US embassy with my family to apply for a US visa. Thanks to God, St. Rita and all of those who prayed for us, because we were all granted a US visa. Anyway, we were ordered to not bring any electronic devices in the embassy. So I left my phone in the car. When I got my phone at around 11 I think, I saw that in one of Maiqui's gm's that Michael Jackson was pronounced dead. I didn't bother texting her because I thought that she was joking.

But when we got to my grandfather's home, my uncle told us that Michael Jackson just died. I immediately ran to the TV and switched it to CNN. I was pretty much devastated. To be honest, Michael Jackson is one of my inspirations when it comes to music and writing songs. He is one of those artists that I loved even way back when I was little girl.

Of course when I was kid I loved his Christmas songs the most. As I grew up and I heard his different songs, I was instantly drawn. I thank my dad for showing me the different kinds of music. But I really won't forget the day when I was absent in grade school and I was flipping through some channels. Then I stopped in the Philippine music channel entitled MYX. Suddenly MJ's MV Black or White was on and I knew that there was something with that song that couldn't stop making me play that in my head. I think that that was the very first MJ MV that I have ever watched.

I will always believe that Michael Jackson is, was and always will be a music legend. May his legacy live on forever. RIP Michael. We love you.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My First Day Sucked. How About Yours?

Today was my day to say so long to summer and hello to college. My class today was supposed to start at 10. So I got to UST at around 9:30. When it was about to become 10 I went to my bldg and that was the only time that I found out that all of the bldgs were to open at 1.

So I waited in front of the UST hospital for about an hour til Frances came and thank God she came. I couldn't stand being alone anymore. It felt so emo. haha. Anyway when it was about to become 1pm Frances went inside her bldg and again I was left alone to wait all by my lonesome since my class wasn't until 2.

Then as it was quarter to 2 I went inside my bldg and searched for my room. There I found soooo many people waiting for their classes to start. Soon, I turned into one of those people. After maybe about 15-20 mins of waiting outside or so, an upper class men told us froshies that our room wasn't there pa daw. There I met Aishia. She was the first person to talk to me. So we went to the deans office and asked what was up with the hold up. They told us that our class was in the engineering bldg at the same room number. So Aishia and I went there together.

When we got to the room we sat down and waited and waited and waited, still no prof. It was about an hour til one of the sections also from adver knocked on our door and told us that they heard that if the prof doesn't show up in an hour you should either head home or just plain leave.

So I was one of those first people to walk out that room and decide to go home. Hell, I was tired, thirsty and sleepy. To top it all off I didn't get anything from the day. The only positive thing that came out was meeting a new friend and seeing my old ones.

So that's my first day. It sucked ass. Hopefully it won't suck tom. Praying that it'll be a productive and fun-filled day tom. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Very Late Mom's Day Blog:)

Hearing your mother or any other mother rant or nag is a person's worst nightmare. It's an even bigger nightmare for the child of the mother who's ranting. I think it's because we know we are powerless before the mighty words our mother's let out, you can almost say that a rant is totally fast and furious.

Don't get me wrong, I love my mother just as much as the next person, but you sure as hell shouldn't make her mad, OR ELSE!. You shall suffer her wrath. I'm sure everyone agrees with me. I just really find it very very scary when my mom gets all angry. I would soooo not want to get get in her way. haha

It's almost like a storm, when there's an early prediction you would like to stay away from the storm or atleast protect yourself from certain dangers the storm may bring. Then when the storm dies down, that's when it's safe.

That's why I really try my best to please my mom. Of course when I've done something wrong or if I need something I smile here and there and I also try to do something really nice. haha. Yes, I'm that obvious. lol!

But even through all the constant rants and nags I thank my mother for that. After all that's what keeps me from being an insane and out of line child. A very late mother's day blog. haha. Anyway thanks mom. I love you :)

Father's day is just around the corner. Still thinking about a gift.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random Rants

Every night before I sleep. I have these constant thought running through my mind. Well, it's practically a routine for me. I think for about an hour. No matter how hard I try to stop, they still keep on going.

Counting doesn't seem to help even thinking of a white room to make me relax just makes me think even more. This makes me feel all miserable and tired. Leaving me with saggy eyes and I get to wake up pretty late.

Which is a total drag considering that my first day of colleges is in 3 days. I have to wake up at 5 because of the 40 minute travel time from my house to school. I've gotten so used to my 2 month regimen of waking up at exactly 5 mins before 10. Eating brunch, going on the computer for the rest of the day or sleeping for the remaining hours.

Yes, my life is boring. It's only boring here when it comes to the house since I don't do anything here. That's why I always schedule a gimmick with my friends at least once a week. Just to keep me sane and as to keep my social life from going kaput.

Have to admit I'm really going to miss my friends from high school. Since we're all going our separate ways, attending different colleges and all. It's scary yet exciting. But new adventures and friends await us in the days to come.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gusto Ko Lamang Sa Buhay....(First Tagalog Blog)

Simula ng tinatanong ako nung 2nd or 3rd year ng high school kung ano yung ambisyon ko sa buhay, parang wala akong masagot, kundi "Uhm. ewan ko po.". Parang minsan ang sarap ngang sabihin "Wala pa kong plano, ikaw ba may plano nung ganitong taon ka?!". Oo na, ang sungit ng dating. Pero nakakairita lang kasi kung parating tinatanong yun sayo. Parang papatong patong yung bigat ng pressure na dala mo.

Hanggang ngayon parang pakiramdam ko wala pa din akong direksyon sa buhay. Nung bata ako gusto ko maging doctor. Para makatulong sa mga may sakit. Pero nung medyo dumevelop na yung brain cells ko parang nung nakakita na ko ng mga malalaking sugat sa ibang tao parang nandidiri ako ng di ko makayanan. Kaya hindi ko na lang naisipan maging doctor ulit.

Habang palaki ako nang palaki. Dumaan naman sa isip ko yung pagiging astronaut. Ambisyoso ako non. Mahilig mag feeling. Pero mabilis din yung naglaho kasi sa US lang yung mga magandang aeronautics na eskwelahan. Nangarap pa naman ako makapag talon sa outer space. Inaamin ko, feeling akong bata. Lahat naman tayo feeling dati eh. haha!

Pero simula nung gumagawa na ko ng mga tula at mga storya nung mga late grade school, nakakatanggap na ko ng mga sabi mula sa mga teacher at mga kaklase na magaling akong magsulat. Kaya napag isipan kong maging writer o journalist. Kung ano man yung mas bagay sa kin.

Yung gusto ko lang naman ngayon sa buhay ay makapag sulat nang makapag sulat. Don naman kasi ako nakakapaglabas ng damdamin eh. Tsaka dito mas naiintindihan ng mga tao kung ano yung mga gusto kong sabihin. Parang wala nang pasikot sikot. Basta andon na yung punto ko sa mga pinagsusulat ko. Malay ko ba kung ano yung mararating ko sa pag asam na toh. May tatanggap nga ba sa kin?. Ano nga ba yung magagawa ko sa pagsusulat lamang?. May mahahantungan nga ba ako sa mga pinagsusulat ko?. Hmm. Siguro maghihintay na lang muna ako at titignan ko kung san ako madadala nitong gusto ko.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nothing Is Ever Set In Stone

Summer's about to come to it's close. To be honest, I am soooo not ready to say goodbye to summer. Well no one is. Not unless you're that psyched up for school. To tell you now, I'm have half-half feelings regarding school. Most especially now that I'm an incoming college freshie.

First I want to go to school because finally I have something to do, after 2 months of lounging around. haha. Basically the reasons that I'm excited and nervous are all the same. I'm mostly nervous because I haven't made any new friends in UST and that makes me hella scared. Even though my friends constantly remind me that I'm friendly and that I can make friends easily. I'm still not calmed down by their words of wisdom and comfort.

It's the 1sy day of kindergarten all over again. Almost everything is new. Except for our sheer enthusiasm to learn. Yay?. haha. I'm just going to have to suck it up. Hell I'm not going to be a wuss most especially now that I'm going into college.

Alot of things are going through my mind right now. Constant running of thoughts, of people, of things, of events, etc. I don't know why but when someone close to me is sad I suddenly empathize with them. I have no idea why. Like when I was a little girl if my sister would cry, my eyes would suddenly get all teary. Maybe I really don't have a heart of stone. haha. Well Nadine and Jean know about how I'm feeling. They were the ones who I was talking to about the thing last night or this morning.

Everything that happens comes as such a surprise. We feel that we've braced ourselves for the worst, but when it comes it turns out we're not as ready as we thought we were. Nothing is permanent. Not unless you're that dedicated to make it set in stone and not let anything or anyone get in your way to ruin it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Rain and The Virus are Starting to Get Me

It's been raining like crazy for the past week now. I'm not really a big fan of it as to say. During my elementary and high school days I used to be so ecstatic when they'd say that classes on all levels would be suspended. Cause that would mean a day of rest and nothing to do.

Well now that I'm about to start college in UST. I officially hate the rain. haha. Everyone knows that when it rains like crazy, it causes a crazy flood over at Espana. It's almost like an extension of the Ganges river. haha. Yes I am going overboard again. But my tita who studies there told me that when the rain dies down the "river" resceeds. So goodluck to everyone when the rainy season comes. Well the rainy season has already come. sooooo

Anyway, the opening of classes in UST have been moved to the 15th. Mainly due to the a(h1n1) virus reaching DLSU. To be honest it even freaks me out. My mom's office is being really really precautionary about the whole outbreak. This whole epidemic is practially driving eveyone insane. I'm so scared about it I was even thinking about not going out for almost a whole week. But hell, I know that's not going to stop the outbreak. That's why frok now on I'm going to bring hand sanitizer or alcohol anywhere I go. Yes, I may sound paranoid. Well I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'm getting all O.C once again. This is all just crazy if you ask me.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Simple Kind of Life

Just came home from HSS. Yes, as in Holy Spirit School. Met up with Rosa and Frances. Then Lulu and Vance followed. We went there to chat with old teachers and to just reminisce before our school starts. Well the QCumbers were all supposed to come but we were short of 3. So that was disappointing. But we still had a great time though.

Well to get home I had to commute yet again. But the rain got even stronger. When it died down a bit then did Vance and I walk to the LRT station. Even though I was wearing my black chucks they got wet. Hell even my socks get wet. I was covered all over and I even had an umbrella. But I still got pretty wet.

So then it went to my mind that this is what I need to prepare for next week if ever. The rain would proabably get worse and the streets would be flooded. Then right now, all I want to do is rest and have some really good dinner. haha. Hopefully they cooked something real yummy. I don't want to think about any thing that would worry me for the moment. I guess I really do know that I just have a few days of rest before starting on a new adventure. Yeeeeee. Scaaaarrryy. haha!