Monday, June 29, 2009

You Are Not Alone(RIP Michael)

Before leaving for the US embassy last Friday, my parents told me that Michael Jackson just had a heart attack. I was shocked, but not that scared because I believed that he would survive through it.

Well anyway, went to the US embassy with my family to apply for a US visa. Thanks to God, St. Rita and all of those who prayed for us, because we were all granted a US visa. Anyway, we were ordered to not bring any electronic devices in the embassy. So I left my phone in the car. When I got my phone at around 11 I think, I saw that in one of Maiqui's gm's that Michael Jackson was pronounced dead. I didn't bother texting her because I thought that she was joking.

But when we got to my grandfather's home, my uncle told us that Michael Jackson just died. I immediately ran to the TV and switched it to CNN. I was pretty much devastated. To be honest, Michael Jackson is one of my inspirations when it comes to music and writing songs. He is one of those artists that I loved even way back when I was little girl.

Of course when I was kid I loved his Christmas songs the most. As I grew up and I heard his different songs, I was instantly drawn. I thank my dad for showing me the different kinds of music. But I really won't forget the day when I was absent in grade school and I was flipping through some channels. Then I stopped in the Philippine music channel entitled MYX. Suddenly MJ's MV Black or White was on and I knew that there was something with that song that couldn't stop making me play that in my head. I think that that was the very first MJ MV that I have ever watched.

I will always believe that Michael Jackson is, was and always will be a music legend. May his legacy live on forever. RIP Michael. We love you.

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