Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh No..

Right now there are so many thoughts swirling in my head right now. I bet someone would drown in my brain. Well, anyway, I just remembered that Jet's (my best friend who I kinda diss) birthday is like coming up on the same day as the prom. I really was thinking of going to Jet's birthday this year to make up for all the BS I've done to him. Right up until I found out that Lulu, Trish and I had an arrangement that same night. Luisa says that we ca probably make it to his celebration since it's like in the same vicinity. I hope that his celebration goes on like longer than the prom. Oh well, bahala na si batman:|

Next, I don't have a friggin' dress to that prom, my mom wants me to wear the same dres that I wore during the ball, but I don't want to and even if I did, well, IT DOESN'T FIT ME. See I gained ALOT of fresman weight over the 1st sem and from our trip to the States. I've been hitting the gym lately and so far nothing's working. I find it hard to stay on my old diet since now there like alot of food right outside my building. So it's either I try to lose weight even more or I buy a new dress. I really might buy a new dress at greenhills since it's cheaper. My mom is just so hard to convince, it's almost like she blocks me on what I'm saying. I don't even think that she understands half of what I'm saying.

Oh life. It really is unfair.

Friday, January 29, 2010


"Because you had a bad day..."

Today seriously sucked, so many things made this day currently the worst day ever.

1. I got to UST so friggin early. Like an hour before my class early or 30 mins. earlier than I usually arrive. I waited for Chriselle for about an hour.

2. I found out that I flunked my prelim exam in Logic. FUCK. I seriously worked my ass off studying. I failed by merely 3 points. I really need to step up my game if I want to get into Journalism next year. I will really do better in the finals.

3. My cellphone got broken. AGAIN. THIS IS THE 3RD or 4TH TIME. I am really really frustrated. I just had it fixed last November, and this time to avoid it getting a virus, I didn't download any songs, didn't drop it and I always handled it with care. Then today it suddenly goes all berzerk on me. I'll have it fixed again and if it breaks again, I swear I will really buy a new phone. Motorola, and this time I won't let it get stolen.

4. Right after watching "Paano Pa Kaya?" with Selle(which btw I still can't believe that I watched it, but nakakakilig nga naman yung movie. LOL. and I also got to spend time with Selle), my favourite necklace broke, the one that I bought from Romblon when I was about 3rd year HS. It's a heart shaped pendant made out of marble. I fell in love with it when I saw it.I got really heart broken when I felt it fall apart in my neck and lucky enough that I caught it with my hand.

I am really not that happy with today. But tomorrow is another day, another day to start anew. My problems are so petty when you compare it to others. I'm happy enough to be given the chance to keep on trying.

This day will really get better if I have a double cheese pepperoni pizza and some ice cream after that. Way to stay focused on your diet Patricia. HAHA

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year:New Me?

Happy new year to everyone!

New year resolutions are back in order, I make resolutions every year. There are so very few that I actually fulfill. What can I say?, I'm human. Here is a list of all the things I hope to fulfill this 2010:

1. I should really get back to my diet and exercise routine. The one I had when I was in my senior year of high school. I seriously lost like 5 pounds in a week.

2. Stop my vices. There are some people vices people know, some no one knows.:>

3. I will seriously be much more practical this year. Money is tight these days.

4. Try to be a better person.

5. Study harder.

6. Be much more optimistic. I still have my emo days.

7. Re-learn how to play the guitar. To be honest I miss playing the guitar.

8. Actually push through my plans:))

9. Be honest when someone asks me a question.


My actual goal is to fulfill atleast 5 of these. Goodluck with me. Oh yeah, BTW I'm planning to get a haircut. I've been meaning to get one ever since the start of the 2nd sem, I just can't take long hair. HAHA

Monday, January 4, 2010

Every Story Must Have An End

Just came from a 16 hour long plane ride from LA. Yes that's right, I came from the States after about 2 and a half weeks. The whole trip was fun while it lasted. We never really tried to waste time. haha.

Well my family and I went to the States not only for the sites and experience, but it was mainly for my uncle who lives there. You see, my dad has a brother and a sister. They all have steady and high paying jobs(I'm not boasting here). But, the difference is, my uncle lives waaay over there.

There's this circumstance that put he kind of put himself in, which is why he can't come to the Philippines. Ever since I was little girl I had been waiting for my uncle to come visit the Philippines. When my grandmother(my dad's mom) died, it was heart wrenching to think that my own uncle couldn't come to my grandmothers funeral.

We've been talking about going to the States ever since I could remember. We actually made that dream a reality. Which is pretty cool come to think of it. Anyway, so since my uncle couldn't come to the Philippines well then, we shall come to see him.

And I swear I have never met my uncle before. He calls at least once a month to check up on us here. There was always a voice behind the name and there were pictures but I really could not imagine putting the face and the voice together. It's hard to actually picture someone who you never really thought you'd ever get to see personally, or so I thought.

So when we arrived at the airport we met my uncle and gosh does he look young. I swear, if you would put me and him together we'd look like brother and sister. We bonded over the 2 weeks. Then I got to know my uncle more. He's a really cool and very makulit guy. I kind of got used to him being around. So him not being here right now is new to me.

He along with my lolo's borhter brought us to LAX for our flight back to Manila. Right after he helped with unloading our bags from the van. He hugged me and I could see him fighting back tears, then he hugged the rest of us and. Just the thought of the scene, makes me cry too. Then I thought, we have each other here in the Philippines, while he lives alone. I pray for my uncle everyday, that he will always be watched over by God.

Thank you tito Babbit. We love you and we miss you.:)