Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Yellow Symbol

I seriously should be doing my Filipino paper right now, but I swear I'll do it right after I finish this post.

Well, this morning as I was working out at the gym (yes!, I work out now!. yay for me. LOL), anyway, there's this tv there, and most of the time it's just kept on the ABS-CBN channel. Umagang Kay Ganda was on, since it was the celebration of People Power I today they did this segment on all the latest gadgets that were about Cory and Ninoy Aquino. To be honest I really do love what these couples did for our country. They fought for what they knew was right. Their intentions were pure and self-less. They kept the Filipino fighting spirit. May God bless their souls:)

Well, back to the show, well, they did this segment on those yellow cellphones, watches with Ninoy and Cory's faces on them, who knows, maybe soon they'll make a yellow ipod. I just think that these days the yellow symbol is practically like a fashion accessory instead of some symbol that you are proud to be a Filipino, it almost says "Hey, look at me, I can afford this stuff so that means I'm in'. You catch my drift?

I just think that most people buy this stuff cause they believe that it's the latest fashion accessory to hit the market. Or maybe buying it would make me look cool. I just think that the yellow symbol has somehow lost it's meaning. Look outside, you can see almost every car have a yellow ribbon sticker. Or maybe even go to a mall, there wouldn't be a time that you won't see someone wearing a "The Filipino Is Worth Dying For" shirt.

See, they've used our heroes as hot commodities to sell items that hopefully soon won't be out of style. That's just it, when we feel that something is in we buy it of the rack, but when it gets all old and so last season, we give it away as if never meant anything. This is what I think most Filipinos are following. We must see beyond that yellow symbol and find out the actual meaning of it. How it came to be, who it came from and most importantly is that yellow ribbons meaning really still alive?

I just hope that what Ninoy and Cory have been fighting for has not been completely lost. We all need to dig deep and know that we are Filipinos, we are people. People who are intelligent and those who have rights. We must never forget that.

We don't need those yellow symbols to show that we're Filipinos, we just need to unite and fight for what we know is right.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What is Love?

What is love?

According to wikipedia, which turned out as my first result when I searched it on google, well, love is any of a number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and attachment.

Love for me, is this feeling that you have for someone, just any one, and you know that you can't resist that person and that no matter how irritated they may make you. Just like any word, love has many meanings to many people.

I suddenly brought this up in my blog, because well, valentine's day is coming and well it's February, the month of love as some would like to call it. This is also the month for everyone to go crazy over commercials about love, movies about love, heart shaped food and all that shit. I know I sound bitter, but there is seriously something about valentine's day that I hate.

I sound so, man hater-ish don't I?. Maybe I'm speaking out of love. Maybe I really am bitter. Bitter cause I haven't really found that guy that I'd love to love. I'm ready to go into a new relationship and start anew. Maybe sometimes I'm just now allowing myself to let go.

Enough about me, even though I've gone through a heartbreak, I still believe that love is a very beautiful thing, that may happen between anyone. I certainly believe in love. Of course it ind of irritates me when I suddenly see couples holding hands or just really being sweet. But it kind of reminds me, that love is still out there. As love-sick I may sound, I know and believe love really is one of those factors that keeps the world sane and well it just helps to make the world go round and round.

We're all not perfect beings. Which makes life both fair and unfair. But in this universe, someone or maybe even some people make us feel worthwhile. It could be a friend, a family member, a boyfriend/girlfriend or a pet even. Love is the sole factor that keeps us holding on to every inch of hope we have. And with love, we smile for joy:)

**Imma post a video of me singing a love song for valentine's day. I haven't decided on a song yet though:)

Well, Happy Valentine's.