Friday, January 29, 2010


"Because you had a bad day..."

Today seriously sucked, so many things made this day currently the worst day ever.

1. I got to UST so friggin early. Like an hour before my class early or 30 mins. earlier than I usually arrive. I waited for Chriselle for about an hour.

2. I found out that I flunked my prelim exam in Logic. FUCK. I seriously worked my ass off studying. I failed by merely 3 points. I really need to step up my game if I want to get into Journalism next year. I will really do better in the finals.

3. My cellphone got broken. AGAIN. THIS IS THE 3RD or 4TH TIME. I am really really frustrated. I just had it fixed last November, and this time to avoid it getting a virus, I didn't download any songs, didn't drop it and I always handled it with care. Then today it suddenly goes all berzerk on me. I'll have it fixed again and if it breaks again, I swear I will really buy a new phone. Motorola, and this time I won't let it get stolen.

4. Right after watching "Paano Pa Kaya?" with Selle(which btw I still can't believe that I watched it, but nakakakilig nga naman yung movie. LOL. and I also got to spend time with Selle), my favourite necklace broke, the one that I bought from Romblon when I was about 3rd year HS. It's a heart shaped pendant made out of marble. I fell in love with it when I saw it.I got really heart broken when I felt it fall apart in my neck and lucky enough that I caught it with my hand.

I am really not that happy with today. But tomorrow is another day, another day to start anew. My problems are so petty when you compare it to others. I'm happy enough to be given the chance to keep on trying.

This day will really get better if I have a double cheese pepperoni pizza and some ice cream after that. Way to stay focused on your diet Patricia. HAHA

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