Sunday, May 17, 2009

My First Ever Post On Youtube And I Blew It:))

So today was the first time I have ever posted a video on youtube. I am more scared than proud of myself. haha. I'm proud that I actually got the guts to post a video. I've had an account on youtube ever since 2006. The purpose for it to me was to just comment and subscribe to my youtube idols.

Then during summer this year I just thought of posting videos. The videos are going to be me singing. Luisa and I are planning to post videos of us just voicing out our thoughts. So we're gonna video blog or vlog or whatever the term may be. Luisa and I love speaking out. haha. So watch out for that. I'll also be blogging about it here on blogspot and on multiply.

Anyway here's the video that I posted on youtube. I blew the end part. It was really high. Very out of my voice range. Anyway tell me what you think about it.:)

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