Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boys Are Better When They've Grown Up:))

There are many things in this world that I don't understand. Well, one of those many things is the relationship between boys and video games. lol!. Why the hell am I making a blog about this, I don't know either. I just find it hard to figure out.

I feel so weird right now. Haha. Because I'm making a blog about this. I just honestly don't get what it is with boys and video games. When my guy cousins and I were little kids and we would hang out at my cousin Ted's place, Miggy and Ted would pay more attention to the TV screen and the play station config that was attached to it. haha!. Anyway that was back then. Now they talk to us more. We text each other and comment on fb and multiply. At least now we actually talk.

Back when we were kids we would play together. But it would always be boys against girls. So it would be and my sister against Ted and Miggy. Of course unfair advantage and boys kasi what we played were "baril-barilan" or the fight in who would reign supreme in the wrestling match on the PS. But when my sister and I would cry because of them, and our uncle's and aunt's would see us, ofcourse we'd hold the belt in that division. haha!

Now we're all grown up. Ted and Therese are in high school, while Miggy and I are incoming college freshmen. We get along better now, which is good. Hopefully that all goes a looong way. haha

I'll try to find a matino picture of us four from our totoy and nene days:))


  1. patsy! di ko alam kung saan ako magrereply kaya dito na lang kung ano ano lang nilagay ko sa blog ko kasi nag search ako ng nag search kung paano try mo rin yun pero madali lang yung header meron ka na! square ba talaga dapat yung sayo? :D

  2. ang panget ng layout ko. haha!. ewan ko kung dapat ganyan ba talaga yan:))))))))))