Thursday, March 3, 2011

English Speech

Wooh!. I'm finally done writing it down. The topic I chose was student vices, a topic I know too well. haha. The only thing left is to deliver it. I will be one of the last people to deliver and I pray to God that I do well since this is already for my final. Tell me what you guys think of it, honestly. haha:

Has anyone here smoked maybe about a pack a day or drank so much alcohol that they would have a terrible hangover the next day that would make you say “I will never ever drink again”, or even dare I say it, taken some weed just to make you feel  like you’re floating on air?. I know that there are some who won’t really admit to any of the vices that I just mentioned, but well these are just some examples of what students try to preoccupy themselves with during times of complete stress. We’re bombarded with school work for about 5 times a week and somehow the weekend isn’t really enjoyable because of the tons of work we’re expected to finish. Maybe this is just how we enjoy. What is college without fun right?. I know some people who are either really brave or really stupid enough to come to class either drunk or stoned. Either way it would make for an interesting story. Left and right you would somehow hear people tell stories about this crazy party they went to about a week ago or about the reason they cut class the other day. This is reality, this is college. And like it or not we need to face this reality.

According to a study done in Harvard University in the year 2008, about half of all college binge drinkers are binge drinkers even before they get to college, in this case binge drinking means consuming about five or more alcoholic drinks in a row on a single occasion, and what they found more alarming is that an equal number of students pick up binge drinking behavior in college. They also say that student affiliations and their surrounding environments determine that kind of behavior, which I believe are reasonable determinants for not only the vice of drinking but also all student vices. Of course over at the gate in Dapitan there would be the occasional taho vendor or the cotton candy vendor, but then in practically every exit gate of this university there are vendors who sell cigarettes by the pack or by the stick, whatsoever the students would choose.  Student vices  affects our academic performances, they say that students grades slump more because of this, I believe otherwise, I think it all depends in the student and how much they would actually want to progress in life.

In any college or university you attend you can never really escape committing vices. They will always be part of you. There will always that particular group of friends that’s going to ask you to go out drinking with them or cut class because your professor doesn’t check the attendance anyway. Vices somewhat consume us. It may be sad to say that they may get the best of us. When it all comes down to it, will we let our vices dictate our future or will we be the ones to take control of them?

I know this isn't really a flattering photo of me drinking. haha. Atleast I don't shy away from the fact that I actually have a lot of vices, which I hope doesn't affect me so much as a student. I love to enjoy, whatevs. haha

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  1. VICES RULE!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! Hahahahaha! I miss you Patsy!! --- Ayoko sa exclamation point. -_-