Monday, March 21, 2011

What the hell am I doing with my life?. I'm slowly wasting it away. It's finals week and I know shit. Tomorrow is our finals for Statistics and my 2nd take for the hands on in Computer. Don't judge me on the computer thing, HTML frameset is effing hard.

I feel like I'm slowly throwing away my only chance of a good education. I've done total shit lately and I've somewhat become ms. last minute. It's never a good habit, I mean I get praises but it's never enough. As others may think nagiging patapon na ko. I don't like that. During my 1st year of college I was fine, being all responsible and shiz. But this year sometimes I wouldn't even care if my professors tried to look for me. My grades slumped during the 1st half of the semester because I didn't get to go to class alot cause of my chicken pox thing.

Maybe I got used to just lying around and doing nothing. I don't want this. I need to take action. I'm getting worried that I might get debarred soon and I may have to look for another school. I don't want that. I worked too hard and spent alot of time on shifting and figuring out what I actually want in life. I need to get myself straight for even this week, this week is crucial. I've been praying non stop and hoping to God that I would pass all my subjects this term.

I need to be responsible again.

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