Thursday, January 20, 2011

Raindrops Have Fallen

Raindrops Have Fallen, originally uploaded by patsypatootsy.

One of the photos I took at Caleruega. Still hoping to go out on photoshoots and take more pretty pictures.

The weather's been crazy lately. La nina. Rain's been pouring pretty heavily today. Thank God I didn't have any exams scheduled today to I didn't get to go out in the rain today. But tomorrow is my prelim exam for my major subject which is newswriting. Uhh I basically kind of know nothing in this subject, our professor always relies on the reporters of the different topics which isn't exactly helping our minds to develop. But hey, that's college for you right?. I read alot of articles about newswriting today. I still don't know if that' enough for our exam tomorrow. I'm not sure what kind of exam she'll give, we're all hoping for a true false type or just make a caption or headline. But well considering last sems exams, we'd be lucky enough to get true false this sem. Cause last sem that same professor gave us a 50 item exam, 48 of that was identification only 3 was true or false, and those true or false questions were mind boggling.

Oh dear Lord help us tomorrow.

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