Friday, January 14, 2011

Splurge Away

I'm actually proud of myself today. Because today I bought alot of stuff with my own hard earned money, ok fine sometimes I got it cause I wouldn't eat at school but hey, I still eat. It's not like I starve myself. Anyway back to the story, today right after my philosophy quiz I left school and went to St. Lukes cause my sister had a check up for her unbearable cough. The doctor said that she had some signs of asthma and gave her some meds. Hope she feels better soon:(

Anyway after my mom and I brought my sister home we went to megamall all of a sudden and daym i brought my wallet full of my savings. I actually only wanted to go to Forever 21 to buy myself some jeggings and I ended up buying alot more. haha. BTW I apologize for the crappy quality of the pictures, I was too lazy to get my camera and take photos so I just took photos using my webcam:))))
So after going to F21 I headed off to jellybean to see if the oxford's I wanted were on sale. Sadly they didn't have the oxford's anymore so I bought myself a crop top. I've been dying to buy me one of 'em crop tops.

Then my mom txted me and told me that she was in f21, I ran all the way from one side to the other just to get to my mom. haha. Then when I got there she was planning to buy some shirts and well I saw these really cute sneakers and noticed they were pretty cheap so I looked at my wallet to see if I could still afford them and well, my money was enough so I bought it right there and then, well after fitting them ofcourse. haha

I spent about almost 2k:))))). I only splurge once a year, and I guess I spent this one time eh?. haha. And now I know why I bought so much stuff, I was stressed out this whole week, I've been studying for quizzes which I've been having almost everyday this week. Maybe the clothes and the sneakers were my subliminal way of rewarding myself for those late nights of studying.

Well, after my mom and I met up with my dad at greenhills, we had yummy dinner and I had yummy ice cream cake for dinner. Today was fun but tomorrow I will be studying all day for my prelims. Will be focusing on Biology and Statistics tomorrow. I pray that I pass all my exams.