Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Last Cry

to explain the title of my blog well I have decided that starting today para kakaiba and interesting yung mga blogs/albums ko this summer, whatever song shall play on my itunes when I put it on shuffle will be the title of my posts, no matter how crazy or how walang connection siya sa post i I shall still use is as a title:)

So today, ever since 1 this afternoon I've been trying to register sa unlimited, and until now, so it's 8:34 on my watch, hindi pa rin ako unlimited:|. Sinasabi sa kin ng globe na I'm registered daw sa isang unlimited service. So I text stop and send it to the number. Then sabi naman sa kin hindi naman daw ako registered sa isang unlimited service. I kept on doing the same thing for like 8 friggin' hours, and so far it obviously hasn't worked. All I'm saying is GLOBE ETERNALLY SUCKS!. haha!. Well, it's true, I'm trying to be patient, but that ain't getting me anywhere. I'll just register tomorrow again.

Next, smart bro sucks too. Nawalan kami ng internet for like 3 days. So today pinaayos. Then ang bagal pa rin. Sana tom medyo bumalik na siya sa normal.

I'm starting to have a feeling that technology hates me. And I hate it back. Well, parang we have this love-hate relationship. Ohkayy, I'm starting to sound like a madwoman here. haha. Nvm:))