Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Crap. I know, what an interesting first word to start out my blog right?. My gosh. I can't believe this kasi. Today as I was checking out all of my internet accounts. I of course opened my friendster account. Yes I still have that. haha. Anyway, as I was checking out the comments and the latest comment was from my very good friend Kara, which says:

hey smexi patsy!:)))

i miss you na!!! uiiiii hndi na ako uste! :(((
i cant hug u na!!! bcczdcbdcbs txttxt nlng.. wish us both luck! :> imy!!

After reading the comment, my gosh, parang biglaan akong nalungkot. Ewan ko kung bakit. Kasi parang as in miss ko na talaga si Kara and then parang I felt alone all over again. Kasi this time I can say that I know completely no one from my course. This is a total OMG moment for me. (that sounds so gay). haha. Yet again, I am even more scared. But hence I really will prepare myself for college. I realize even more that I need to socialize and me open to change. Most especially if change comes in a whirlwind. Scaaaaarrryyy. haha. After all this is what life is, it's full of suprises.

But don't get me wrong. Kara I love you girl. I know na UP ka na right?. You deserve to be there. Ang galing mo kasing mag drawing. You truly are talented. Kudos to you my friend. I really do wish us the best of luck my hot and sexy friend. Again I love you and I miss you like hell Kara!

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