Tuesday, April 7, 2009

HSS sure is a far cry from UST

When I first went to UST i actually never imagined myself actually studying there, but hell, I just payed for my reservation there last week. Rosa accompanied me there. Actually ako nga lang ata yung tao don na nagdala ng kaibigan. Yung iba kasi puro parent kasama. haha. Si Rosa naging mom ko for the day:))

After I payed for my reservation I found out that I had to come back to UST to give my card and my credentials. Later that day nag bonding kami ni Rosa. Kung san san na kami nakapunta. Tumambay pa kami sa gym kung san may mga nag tratraining na guys. haha!. There was even this guy that looked liked Frances' so-called "husband"..haha!;)

But during that day I still never saw myself wearing my uniform and going around the bldg for my classes. As in NEVER. I guess it was because of the fact that i was with a really good friend of mine in UST and that i was still holding on to my HSS memories at that moment.

So, today I went to school with my dad and yaya(Ate Inday) to get my card. I was too nervous about my trip to UST rather than my card at the moment. haha. When I saw my card i thought it was ok. But then after i got my card and my grad pics from Miss P. I bid her goodbye then I rode the car. As we were driving away from school I was still nervous on our ride about sa jeep. Because my dad was just gonna drop off me and Ate Inday sa sakayan ng jeep. Dapat nga hihirit pa ko sa dad ko na ihatid ako eh. Pero he had to go to work na kasi kaya di nalang ako umangal.

Well my dad dropped us off over at Christ the King. Then we waited for about 2 minutes for a jeep to Quiapo. I didn't know the sakayan of the FX kasi eh. Then when we got to UST. I had my card photocopied. Then we went to my bldg which was the college of fine arts and design. Then nawala ako actually. haha. Typical me. I went na kung san san sa bldg. Only to find out that I just had to head over to the place where i went to before. I felt so stupid niyan. haha.

After submitting my credentials I went downstairs then met up with Ate Inday. We bought a couple of drinks then went home. But as I was walking UST with her parang I had this sense of loneliness. Which slapped me with the reality that, I don't know absolutely anyone from my course, of course exempted si Kara don. haha. But anyway, I realized even more that I needed to wake up from my moments of longing for my friends and that I actually needed to face the actual 1st of college alone. It makes you think of the 1st day of pre school. Where you were nervous to the bone about making new friends, that you were actually scared that no one would like you.

I guess that this is a reality that every senior high school graduate/incoming college freshman has to face. And the words ALONE, CLUELESS and NEW come into our minds constantly. Actually they're starting to bug me like hell. I honestly miss my friends, my classmates/former classmates, teachers and basically everything in HSS.

But I know that I have to face this thing all on my own. I'm sure I'll make new friends. But no one could ever compare to the friends that I have now.

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