Friday, September 3, 2010

Hold Up, This Ain't Right

My morning was filled with OMG and WTF moments.

While I was on the jeep on my way to school, seated in front of me was a guy. Probably in his early 40's and the girl seated beside me studies in Trinity. Probably half way the trip I noticed that the Trinity girl kept on looking outside. I found it weird. Anyway I was doing what I usually do on any other commuting trip. I was minding my own business, listening to my iPod. Then the guy I was telling you earlier, started widening his legs. You know, sitting the way guys usually do since their side was getting roomier. As he was widening his legs, I noticed that he wasn't wearing a brief or boxer shorts. Dear God, I saw one of his balls and I immediately looked away in disgust. Then I figured maybe the girl from Trinity saw it earlier and that's why started looking outside. I think the guy got a hint that me and the girl from Trinity saw his, urgh-you know, he started closing his legs, and at one I noticed his legs shaking, he probably couldn't stand closing his legs. After seeing that shiz I was happy to get to my destination which was UST.

I can't believe that some old guy would that kind of bull shit off. It's disgusting.

Then as I was on my way home after class, I rode the LRT as I was expecting traffic and I wanted to get home ASAP. Luckily the LRT was roomier the time I got rode it so I got a seat. I blasted my iPod's volume and started texting some of my friends about my traumatizing experince earlier. There was this guy who rode on the station after I got on. He remained standing, ignoring the empty space in the seat right across mine. Then as the LRT was moving he started walking across the LRT compartment we were in. I thought he was going to find a more roomy compartment but he just came back where he was, which was standing in front me. After a few more rounds of walking across the same LRT compartment, people started noticing his oddness and the were looking at him. I again opted to not care and wait til my stop comes. But then, this guy started dancing. And it wasn't the vibe of random dancing that I always get from my buddy Jonah(who is a great dancer btw), I got the OMFG-WTH-is-this-guy-doing-he's-creeping-the-fuck-out-of-me vibe. I felt like that was the longest LRT ride I had ever gone on.

The morning has been effing crazy. I'm going out with my family later to GH, what kind of effing wonders shall I encounter later?

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