Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Wait Is Over

Finally after so many months of waiting I actually got my.....

*drum roll*

CANON 450D!!

Woot! woot!. I was actually aiming for the canon 550d, but it was too pricey for my aunt and uncle. So I settled for the 450d. And I think that it's awesome!. I just got it delivered yesterday from one of the store's in Hidalgo. I immediately took shots when I got it on my hands. The camera is a bday gift from my dad's sister and brother. BTW, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!

I seriously can't express how happy I truly feel about getting this camera. I feel so lucky to be given the chance to actually own this kind of camera. I'm still getting used to adjusting some of the settings since the camera's I borrow are usually Nikon branded. But I really love the quality of the photos I took with it.

I plan to upload soon on my flckr account once I have time. Tah-tah. I have a math quiz to study for. Wish me luck!. Til my next blog:)


  1. So awesome patsy! I'll model model for youuu jk. how much was it? I'm gonna save up for 550D eh baka sa hidalgo store nalang rin ako since you say it's cheaper there :)

  2. sige model ka on your bday;). it cost about 30k. siguro mga 550d mga 40k don. try mong tumawag sa shop na binilhan namin sa hidalgo.

  3. OMGGGG YOU GOT ONE NAAAAAAA. Im not aiming for this anymore. Lol. I want an iPad. XD