Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Receiving Both Grief and Joy

Have you ever felt the confused on how you were supposed to feel at a specific moment?

Well I'm feeling that right now. My mom just gave me some letters that came in the mail. And she immediately said "Don't cry.". I knew right away that it was probably a card from my uncle Ding's family. If you read my previous post you would know that my uncle passed away around 2 weeks ago. The thank you card read that they thanked us for our comfort and support during their trying times. Enclosed was 2 pictures of my uncle. I will admit that it was heartbreaking and it really made me stop from finishing my report.

Next I noticed that there was an even bigger envelope and it was in gold. I looked at the back and saw my Aunt's initials. I remembered that she was going to get married next month. She's the daughter of my grandfather's brother, you get it?. haha. Anyway we also lived with their family almost half of our stay there in America. My auntie Melissa is inviting us to her wedding on September. Obviously we can't go but it was a very nice gesture for them to decide to send us an invitation.

Right now I feel confused on how I should feel. Receiving both happiness and grief at the same time is pretty hard to deal with.

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