Sunday, September 12, 2010

2 Debuts in One Night

You read it right, I have actually experienced going to two debuts in one night.

It's very stressful to have to constantly calculate time and worry whether you're gonna make it one time or not.

The first debut I went to was one of my best friends in the whole world, Luisa Estanislao
Eastlaw( Her part was held in Jade Valley over the Timog area. She asked me, Tricia Ildefenso and Joanna Fernandez to emcee for her but Joanna/Popoy didn't push through with the emcee bit, so Tricia and I were left. The group that I ate with, which was mostly composed of boys, attacked the food with in 20 mins. Gee, Lulu's money was
sure worth it on our table. LOL. Well Trish and I hosted as best as we could. haha. I was also part of the 18 candles. Well after the program and photo opts with Lulu, I left with Tricia and Angelica Marcelino for Frances' Debut.

Rode in our car then went to EDSA Shang for Frances' party. We got there in just maybe 15-20 mins. Thank God there was no traffic.

When we got there I texted Pauline to tell her that we had just arrived, she replied that we were
going to speak in a few na. We all panicked, I led Trish and Angge to the wrong floor so we ran and asked a receptionist. I couldn't take the pain in my feet anymore, I took off my heels and ran to the function room of Frances party. We got there just in time. We were sort off sweating and taking in deep breaths but what was important was that we got there in time. After 5 mins I was one of the 18 roses and I kinda did a sabaw dance with Frances then I was also part of the 18 specials. After the program we ate a bit more and we had a mini photoshoot:)

I love these 2 girls and that's how special they are to me. They are 2 of the fliest chicks that I hang out with. I tried to make it to both of their debuts and thank God I did. I love you Luisa and Frances. Again happy birthday:)

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