Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Feel So Different

I miss writing. I miss being able to express myself through writing without restrain.

I feel like I've lost that sense of freedom in me ever since I got into college. Why?. I don't know. Maybe I was too driven towards the path of the fine arts that I forgot what I actually loved to do. Which was writing. I looked at my blogs in multiply, I wrote a lot there when I was in high school, that was my therapy. And plus, if I had a story to tell my hands would itch if I didn't post a blog about it.

I don't know why now in college when I feel like I have so much more to say, that's when I just stop typing my stories, I just stopped telling my thoughts. I feel like I lost part of me through that.

I don't know if you could consider that as writers block, but I do. It's been years since I wrote a blog that would be as deep as those which I would write in high school. I now question whether I have changed or not. I don't know what's going on.

I have thoughts in my head but I don't know how to express them anymore. I feel so stuck in this rift. I've been stuck in it for a year and a half now.

I've been constantly trying to get out of the rift. I can't seem to do that. I want to write more.

Sometimes it makes me depressed, not being able to write what I really want to. I mean there are times when I would just start typing here on my blog and then, I just stop, it's like I lose all excitement in telling my story. As of now I blog at most is once a month, I used to blog every week. What's going on with me?

I feel so different.

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