Friday, December 10, 2010

Ugh Love

I think love is stupid. I haven't really been in love with anyone of the opposite sex. Well I have, but I think it was puppy love, it was waaaaay back in high school pa. I was cheated on, of course the break up was mutual. Enough of that, I mean I've seen so many people around me getting hurt and shit. I've been hurt myself.

Love makes you do stupid things. It's unpredictable, a constant nuisance and it blurs out all other entities. I'm not bitter or anything, it's just that, is loving another person romantically really necessary?. Is romance what keeps us going?. I mean we can live life with just our friends and family but I guess some people never really find that enough.

Well who am I to say how important romance is. Maybe I could have a boyfriend next year or in a few days. I never know really. Is that the beauty of love?. It's unpredictability?

I'm no expert on love, I've had a few flings here and there but maybe that's just what's got me all worked up. People these days love for all the wrong reasons. I mean I know that the feeling of being loved is absolutely incomparable to any feeling in this world. But now through seeing other peoples relationships I just see that most people love to know how it feels, to test out the waters. They don't actually love, they just love for the sake of it.

I may sound bitter but who cares. This is my blog I'll write whatever I feel like writing.

Maybe my view on romance may change. Maybe not. But until that day comes I will continue to despise it. I guess I just really don't like the thought of fake love. It hurts too much.

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