Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Weekend

Wooh. I finally got to go out yesterday after about 14 days. haha. Well ok being the weight conscious girl I was I checked my weight yesterday morning. And well I lost 3 more lbs. haha. Which I wonder why because I was stuck here at home eating and sleeping.

Anyway when I woke up my mom and dad surprised me by telling me that I could go out with them to the mall since my sores were already closed up. I was seriously excited. haha. I was the type of girl that would practically go out every week. Well due to my excitement I left my money which I was supposed to use to buy Christmas gifts. Err. haha. Well after shopping for a few stuff with my mom, we met up with my dad.
We had shabu-shabu for lunch. Yum yum:). I kinda ate too much. haha. But I had yummy yogurt for dessert though:P

When I got home we got home my mom gave me my memory card back for my dslr and well I got bored and started taking photos.

My family and I had steak for dinner. HAHAH. Did I make you drool?. :P. Yes the day was filled with food.

Anyway today my family and I went to mass and I saw one of my ultimate crushes. One of Cory Aquino's grandson's and no it wasn't baby James. haha. It was Kiko. One of Balsy Aquino's kids. My day was already fulfilled when I saw him. Oh he's so cute in a nerdy way:">

Then my sister and I spent the whole day at home. Oh yeah and we had pizza for dinner. I only had one piece though cause I ate a danish for merienda. Me so happy this weekend:D

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