Sunday, December 12, 2010

Like It's the End of the World

This year was the so called "debut year". Where practically almost everyone I know, including me have turned 18. The big 1 8. The year of being legal. Wherein you can actually get arrested for the shit that you do. haha.

I've been invited to ALOT of parties this year and I went to most of them. One of them was even an out of the blue invite, surprised that I got invited myself. Of course coming from an all girls school in high school you'd kind of expect that. And this is also probably the year that I abused alcohol the most. I haven't drank so much. haha. Maybe this is why I need to get a grip when it comes to alcohol.

Anyway I've had my fair share of parties. Which is probably why I will actually miss the hype of getting all dolled up, looking for that perfect dress to wear and to even actually search for transpo to get to the event. I also lost a lot of money this year. Having to constantly search for gifts almost week after week. And to even experience going from one debut to another is totally nerve wracking but a delight cause you remember that you love these people. haha.

I didn't really have a fancy debut cause I didn't need one. I just treated booze and food to my friends and family, I felt that was enough. Then somehow, your birthday is actually a day that you should enjoy yourself with your loved ones.

Turning 18 is kind of a big step. People make me feel all responsible now. It kinda sucks but hey, isn't this what most of us have been asking for ever since we were kids?. To be treated like a grown up. Responsibility is heavy. Most especially given the fact that you can get arrested now. I mean you can do shit and all that just don't get caught. HAHA.

Anyway here's to the year that was.

A year full of surprises that are actually worth remembering.

We are off to another adventure. I'll be turning 19 next year(duuuh). Let's see what'll happen then.

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