Friday, January 11, 2013

Mushy mushy

I rarely do these kinds of posts, but anyway, I feel so so fortunate and blessed to have the best boyfriend ever.

He takes care of me whenever he can. He makes sure that I feel loved every day of the week. He knows me as well as my best friend Lulu does. He's sort of like my best friend too. Haha

He says sorry for the things that he shouldn't even be sorry about. He is just as insane as I am and i love that part because I have been waiting for so long for someone who'll accept how insane I am and who'll be just as insane as me. And thank God I found him.

I know it's totally cheesy and mushy. But i just really want him to know how absolutely special he is to me.

He keeps me sane in my most craziest days. Whenever I'm upset he always checks on me to be sure that i'm doing alright. I love him no matter what, I love him because he is such a wonderful person. I love him to bits. Thank you baby. Thank you and I love you:)

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