Monday, February 20, 2012

makeover rush

it's almost 12 and i'm still not asleep, i have a lot on my mind and i have an 8:30am class tomorrow, crap i hope i won't be late. anyway:

Last Saturday my sister and her friend worked on their project for their technology and living education subject, their project was to make someone over, with full hair and make up one evening look and one day look. they used me as their dummy/model and i asked my good friend Jonathan Balonso (you could check out some of his awesome shots here to take photos.

the mood was fun yet panicky at the same time since clothes and make up were everywhere and we had to get it all done early. here are ze results:

day look 1

day look 2

evening 1

evening 2

the girls were the one's who put make up on me and they were the one's who chose the clothes. i apologize for not really being at par with mediocre models. LOL. so what do you guys think about what they did?. i think they did a superb job:)

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