Monday, May 21, 2012


Blasphemy, hell that's what I keep on hearing last week.

This whole Lady Gaga thing is being blown out of proportion and it certainly is weird when it comes in the midst of some local celebrities making comments about the third sex and about the whole same sex marriage thing.

Here's my stand on both issues, so here it goes about the first one, I personally love Lady Gaga and I've been wanting to watch her ever since she first came here because I believe she's an amazing performer and her songs speak about her, oh yeah and she's not afraid of being different.

What I don't get right now actually is why are they protesting only now?. Since she's been here before then they should've protested then. I understand about keeping to your faith and all. I'm a catholic always have and will most likely always be catholic, probably not a devout one but I am still a catholic and I own up to my mistakes. These people in protests keep on saying that Lady Gaga's the spawn of the devil because of her song Judas oh yeah and because of the video too, but calling her that well I think that's too much. The whole Judas song is actually about her ex boyfriend who cheated on her, I know that listening to them would tell a different story to you but to each his own right?. Lady Gaga's an artist and like every artist her work is certainly subject to interpretation, whether it bring praise or it be under scrutiny it's still art. I'd like to believe that I'm somehow an artist and artists love to express themselves in different ways and this is just how Lady Gaga does it, with her many adoring fans, which probably also confuses some people who hate her, why the hell does she have so many fans?. I think the answer to that is Lady Gaga embraces difference, which some of us shun. Admit it, you've laughed or even said a mean joke about someone you think isn't like you. I guess Lady Gaga sees past that and these people need someone to cling on when they feel harassed or treated unfairly.

Now on the LGBT group, I have alot of friends who are gay, bi, lesbian and transgender which may speak for who I am now, but I will admit in the past that when I was in high school I was never really in favor of the whole having a relationship with someone of the same sex. But when I got to college my horizons started to widen, how the hell was I supposed to have such a closed mind on these people when I feel that they're being treated differently. I understood how hard it was to be of the third sex and to be afraid of not being accepted because of a friend I met, at first she was hesitant to tell me about what sexual orientation she was because she said that usually people tend to judge and shun people like her if they don't really understand. That's when it hit me that those who are in the whole LGBT group aren't any different than us, we just make them out to be different because we are too stern in believing that man and woman should only be together. We forget about how many feelings we hurt, how many people we say shouldn't be themselves all because of our beliefs. Every Sunday at church I'm taught that God accepts everyone even the sinners so to my understanding God will accept those children who are different because he also created them. Maybe we tend to forget about God creating everyone to his own liking. And the whole same sex marriage thing, well love is love, who are we to stop it?. So since these people like someone of the same sex doesn't mean that they should lose all right in this world. 

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